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PNG to JPG in A Click with SMALLZON

Smallzon, by far, is the best 100% free web tool available online for any and every kind of online file conversion. PNG to JPG is one of the most needed conversions, and everyone will agree with this. While filing in an online form, or applying or, for that matter, just uploading a passport-size photograph, usually JPG format, is needed. As JPG is compressed format, smaller in capacity hence is generally preferred for online submissions to keep the file light.

Difference between PNG & JPG

PNG is popular image format usually used in design or on the internet to maintain transparency. PNG images are generally heavy as they offer high quality and crystal clear picturization without pixelation. On the other hand, JPG images are more demanded by any online submission because of their compressed nature. JPG format is usually smaller and becomes an easy upload without making the file heavy. Now, with Smallzon, you can easily switch between the two image formats at a click.

Steps to Change PNG to JPG

The steps start and end in a fraction of a minute because the conversion through Smallzon is so quick. All you need to do is to add any PNG file/files and click on the 'Convert' button. The files will be uploaded through an SSL connection and processed on our server. You can download the JPG file/files within a minute. also offers to upload multiple files and convert an entire PNG batch of images to JPG in a go. One thing to be kept in mind is that the size of the PNG batch of multiple photos shouldn't be more than 50 MB. You need to select images one by one, select all required images, and convert them in a click to JPG.

Step 1: Select the required PNG file. You can also select an entire batch of multiple files if the total file size is less than 50 MB.

Step 2: If you want a specific resolution in the JPG format, you can select the value now and then click on the 'Start' button.

Step 3: Once you click the start button, the file will be uploaded and converted within a few seconds.

Step 4: After downloading your file, you can click on the 'Trash' button on the download page. This will remove all your uploaded files on the server. If you miss this step, don't worry. Your files will be automatically removed after 30 minutes of your user session. Smallzon is very particular with its Privacy Policy, and hence never will any of your files be published or kept at or server post 30 minutes of your session.

Smallzon offers a complete umbrella for its users for any online conversion need. You name your requirement, and Smallzon has a solution!

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