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Convert your ODT file into PDF easily on Smallzon

Whether an office worker or a student, everybody needs a good PDF converter to change their various documents into PDF format. For working purposes, everyone uses different softwares for making documents, such as Windows users use Ms-office while Linux users use other software programs to make documents, presentations, etc. But whatever your software is, you need some tools to convert those into PDFs.  https://smallzon.com/ has an incredible ODT to PDF converter and Excel to PDF converter for your convenience. You can convert any ODT and excel sheets into PDFs anywhere, and you will need an internet connection.

On https://smallzon.com/odt-to-pdf, you choose the desired file, upload them in the blank box, and click on the Convert now option. After that, wait for a few seconds, and you will get the result.


https://smallzon.com/ always aims to give you the best results free of cost. In PDF format, font plays an important role. First, choose the appropriate font in your original document to get a clear outcome. It will look better if you choose “the times new roman,” “Arial,” and this type of font style in your documents. Also, notice the size. After uploading the file, you will get the PDF format in a few seconds and love our tool’s efficient work.

Smallzon do not claim any copyright on your converted files. As we provide free service, we understand your requirements and focus on giving the best result. We know your work is important to you, and any watermarks can cause trouble. So, we do not do that. You can use our website without any tension and make wonderful PDF conversions of your ODT and excel files.

Anyone with any version of the operating system can use website Smallzone to convert their files into PDFs. Our technology enables you to use it for any office suit. Whether you are using Windows, androids, Linux, etc., you can easily transform ODT to PDF within a fraction of a minute. You also do not need to worry whether your excel sheet is an xls or xlx file because our tool works for both. All you need to do is upload your file and wait a few moments. 

You may think a free website must not be good regarding privacy matters. But we assure you that all your uploaded data is in safe hands, and every file will be deleted after 24 hours automatically. Then nobody can see those, not even you. So, after converting them, save the file on your device.

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