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What is the image enlarger tool?

It is a FREE utility to increase image size online to exact dimensions. Here you can visually define the image size in pixel. Maximum output image dimensions supported 1500px X 800px. To increase the width and height of the photos it increases the file size in kb. Our algorithm tries to retain the image quality as same as the original picture.

How to enlarge your image?

To enlarge your image simply follow the steps by Smallzon:

  • Upload your image using 'browse' button or drop your image in the drop area
  • Then drag the scaler to enlarge by percentage(%) or directly put the dimensions in px.
  • The maximum output image dimensions i.e. width or height is 1500px. So you can enlarge your image to a maximum of 1500px in width or height.
  • And then click the 'SAVE & DOWNLOAD IMAGE' button to download the image.
  • It takes to process according to image dimensions. After a few seconds, you will get a "Save" button to download your image.

User friendly & fast is hosted in a reliable and fast CDN network environment. So it's fast and also mobile-friendly.

Free & Secure

This 'Image enlarger' utility is absolutely FREE. Our system automatically deleting your images after 1 (One) hour and within 24 hours from our server forever for your security and Privacy.

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