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How do I convert ICO to PNG?

Converting an ICO image to PNG is very easy using the ICO to PNG converter. This online tool is fast and provides quality images depending on the ICO image you provide. Here are 2 easy methods of converting ICO to PNG.

Convert by Uploading

1. Open ICO to PNG Converter.

2. Click on 'Upload Image'.

3. Choose the ICO image from your system.

4. Click on 'Next'.

5. You will se the preview and 'DOWNLOAD' button beneath it. Click on 'Download'.

Convert Using URL

1. Go to the image source and copy the link to the image.

2. Open ICO to PNG converter.

3. Paste the image link on the empty box that suggests 'Enter Image URL'.

4. Click on 'GO' and you will be able to see the converted image.

5. Click on 'DOWNLOAD' to get the image.

Why convert ICO image to PNG?

ICO image format is used for making icons for software or other tools on Microsoft Windows. One can often need to convert such files into other image file formats like PNG or JPG. Here are the popular reasons for converting an ICO file to a PNG file using the ICO to PNG converter online.

Post on Website: A lot of browsers do not support ICO files. So, if one needs to upload any information about a popular icon, they will need to convert the ICO file to PNG so that it is visible to all the vistors. The conversion is especially convenient for people who are marketing the respective tool where the icon is from. Uploading PNG files is also better for content management systems as they are smaller in size and are also uploaded easily without any extensions.

Editing: Only premium image processing softwares like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW support ICO files for editing them. To edit any ICO images on smaller tools or on your system, you have convert it to an PNG image file.

Viewing: If you receive an ICO file that won't open on your phone or PC, you can see the image after converting it to PNG format. PNG format is supported on almost all the popular operating systems like Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

Send for Consideration: One might need to send an ICO file through social networks, emails or other networking platforms used at their work. Most of these platforms do not support ICO files and you see 'error' warning when you open it. So, converting and sending the image as PNG file is more convenient.

How safe is it to convert ICO images to PNG online?

Using confidential images online can be risky at times. ICO to PNG converter does not access your data and it is deleted from the server after a few hours of conversion. So, it is safe to convert ICO images to PNG images online by uploading the image or through an image link.

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