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HTML To PDF Just A Click Away With SMALLZON

HTML, which is Hypertext Markup Language, is a complicated format to convert into a PDF and sounds like a task. HTML is usually a complex setup, and converting its file to any format becomes challenging. With Smallzon now, all such complications will fly away. Smallzon promises its users to make it happen in a few clicks, no matter how complicated the task is. Smallzon gets its user the best HTML to PDF converter, which allows users to change an HTML file into a PDF file within seconds. 


The process is easy as it sounds. All that is needed is to upload your HTML file on the box/space available on this link - and click on Convert Now option, and that's it. You will see the result in front of your eyes within a few seconds. Your HTML file will successfully be converted into a PDF file. It would help if you were careful about keeping the font of the HTML file standard for crystal conversion. 

Platforms Supported By Smallzon:

Any user of Smallzon needs not worry about its operating system. Smallzon supports every operating system, be it Windows, Mac, Linux etc.; we have it all. Also, Smallzon has a cross-browser support feature, so there is no reason to worry. For HTML to PDF conversion, no specific version is needed. Our powerful tool will automatically detach your format and sort your purpose. Check for yourself -

Cloud Based Performance:

Smallzon is an entirely online-based tool that allows you to convert HTML to PDF completely free without any added cost. The users need not worry about the space of their computer/laptop because the moment your upload your HTML file for conversion, the file gets stored in our server for 24 hours. Hence neither is the user device space occupied nor is any chance of losing the file. The entire conversion of HTML to PDF will happen on the Smallzon server. 

Privacy Policy:

We make sure that the privacy of our customers is 100% assured; hence no signup, registration or membership is needed for this process. You upload your file on our online tool and take a free download without any data input required. Also, to further enhance our privacy policy, we only store the uploaded document on our server for 24 hours post which it is automatically deleted from our server.

Quality Assurance

100% quality assurance is what Smallzon promises. The converted file will be absolutely clear with no dizziness or any errors. Also, we don't add watermarks in the converted document for our users' satisfaction. Don't believe this? Check it for yourself -

In today's time, you won't get a better HTML to PDF convertor than SMALLZON. Make sure you remember this tool whenever in need. 

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