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Excel file is complicated, with many formulas, combinations, rows and columns. When it comes it converting an excel file to a PDF, it's a daunting situation. Many times in school/college assignments, there are Excel data that has to be converted into a PDF file for various reasons. In offices, this situation happens almost every day. Excel File is the most common platform to work on in most offices.

Convert Excel to PDF Online is just a few clicks task. This sounds dreamy to you? Here, check it for yourself - No kidding, is the best 100% free online web tool that allows you to do any conversion within a few seconds. Smallzon offers a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (XLS) to PDF converted, enabling users to change an excel file to a PDF within a few seconds. All you need to do is upload your XLS document, and within a click, the document will be transformed into a PDF.

How to Do It?

No lengthy procedure or a rigorous process; drag and drop your XLS file in the box given on this link (, and your job is done. As you drop your XLS file on this box and click on convert now, you will see the output right there within a few seconds. Excel to PDF conversion is not much more accessible and convenient for all users with One thing you should be careful about while converting is keeping your XLS document in a standard font like - Times New Roman, Arial etc., and that's it. XLS to PDF is just a click away -

Smallzon is unlike any other online converter; we have taken care of every user aspect and developed a 100% comprehensive web tool. Smallzon assures -

100% Good Quality: The conversion quality you will get will be crystal clear. Just keep your fonts standard and nothing else to be worried about. Smallzon gives a 100% quality guarantee.

100% Free:  Smallzon is 100% free at no cost. Just upload your file and get a free download of your desire. 

100% Privacy: We don't need any signup or memberships. We respect our users' privacy and don't save any of the documents they upload for conversions. The download link that we generate is also for 24 hours only after it becomes inactive because the document will get automatically deleted from our backend. 

No Watermark: Though we ate 100% free of cost, still we don't add any watermark to make our users satisfied and for their convenience. 

The list can be endless, so without a doubt, Smallzon is by far the best Excel to PDF converter, which serves you at a click -

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